Missouri Theatre

Accommodations & Rental Fees

Steps to Hosting Your Next Event at the Missouri Theatre

  1. Contact to secure Rental Space: John Murray — (573) 884-9044
  2. Contact for Catering Services: University Club of MU & University Catering & Event Services Receptionist — (573) 882-2586

Missouri Theatre Rental Rates

  • Entire Building

    For Profit: $2,500/day • Non-Profit: $1,600/day

  • Patio, Grand Foyer & Locust Street Lounge, Missouri Theatre Lounge, Stage

    $150/hour (4 hour minimum)*

    *Additional fees will apply. Please note that rental rates do not include fees such as staffing, cleaning, audio, video, lighting, marketing, and more. A representative with Event Production Services will work with you to create an estimate of all charges based on the needs of your event.

  • University Groups/Organizations/Departments

    Rental fees for the facility are waived for University affiliates, but additional fees are not waived. University affiliates will be billed additional fees including, but not limited to, staffing, audio, video, lighting & marketing.

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