The internship program at the University Club of MU and University Catering & Event Services provides a professional setting where hospitality interns may learn the many aspects of the industry.

Interns are exposed to event planning, event production, various service styles and an array of culinary arts and wine knowledge. Interns will have opportunities to engage with such organizations as the Missouri Restaurant Association, Association of University Club Managers and the American Culinary Association. Candidates who successfully complete our internship program find it an invaluable resume builder when entering the career field.


Grant Simpson

"My internship at the University Club of Missouri was educational, enriching and an eye-opening experience within the field of hospitality management. The diversity of the program format allowed me to gain hands on experience in multiple facets of a private club environment including; catering, banquets, a la carte dining, back of house operations, marketing and sales. The experience I gained at the University Club helped me achieve my goal of landing a management position after graduation at a Top 15 Country Club and has continued to pay dividends throughout my career. I highly recommend this program to any student interested in furthering their knowledge and advancing their career in the hospitality industry."

Carson Coble

"The Internship helped me perfect my communication skills. I learned this through communicating clients' needs to operations team and instructing the team on how to deliver what the clients want. I also learned about general operations through learning who is responsible for what in my department and the organization as a whole. During the internship, you will have leadership opportunities. Learning how to effectively manage individuals and groups is an art and experience is the only way to learn. I also learned time management skills on how to manage my time when as a full-time student and working 25+ hours a week."